Affective Care focuses on improving performance and facilitating achievement of your goals, providing directed therapies to lift mood, reduce anxiety, and improve concentration.


A baseline level of physical health is critical for mental well-being. We assess physical health by laboratory assays including blood tests, electrophysiological measurements including electroencephalography, and brain scans including magnetic resonance imaging. Many evaluations are performed in collaboration with specialist MDs from other fields of medicine or with your physicians. For treatments that we uniquely offer, we also work directly with other psychiatrists.


With understanding of your general physical health, we can provide nutritional and dietary guidance. Importantly, we offer support for health related behaviors including exercise, dance, posture and movement therapy, as well as yoga. With its broad utility and low risk, we also offer a variety of communication-based treatments, including coaching, organizational guidance, goal setting, along with more formal psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral psychotherapies.


We also offer many biological treatments that can help elicit or support recovery and development. These include medication management with pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Aside from optimization of health, some of these targets include reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. For difficult to manage cases or those who have not responded to standard treatments, we have particular expertise in off-label approaches that may provide previously unseen benefit. In addition, we offer a range of neuromodulatory treatments designed to alter neuronal function at a cellular and network level. Such treatments often utilize devices that directly interact with the brain and may have fewer bodily/systemic side effects. These include non-invasive treatments with magnetic, or direct-current stimulation.

Other Considerations

We provide an individually-tailored program designed to meet your individual needs and to help you live, feel, and perform your best. Our wide range of treatment options ranges widely, and includes treatments with practically no side effects, to much more intensive treatments which may have associated risks.

Affective Care’s approach includes health optimization, standard treatments, and novel therapies that remain in development. Some of these treatments may not even be currently approved by the FDA as psychiatric treatments. All treatments we offer are supported by clinical evidence, that often strongly suggests such treatments may be helpful, and such treatments have often helped many people in clinical trials of previous off-label use, despite the regulatory status. In this context, we feel that offering options for those in need is of utmost importance. In meetings with Affective Care providers, risks and benefits will be discussed, so you can make an informed decision about what strategies and order of implementation will best facilitate your goals. In all cases, our monitoring of your physical and psychological health aims to minimize risks, while maximizing opportunities for all patients.